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MaklerŪ Counting Chamber MaklerŪ Cannula (Catheter) MaklerŪ Insemination Device
MaklerŪ Counting Chamber
An easy to use device for rapid sperm analysis which throughout the years has acquired a worldwide reputation due to its superior accuracy.
Two versions : Standard - for regular microscope and for CASA
                        Inverted - for inverted microscope.
See: Unique Features and Advantages .
MaklerŪ Cannula (Catheter)

A specially designed disposable Cannula for IUI, effective in sealing the cervix orifice during insemination.
Two versions : Long - for intrauterine insemination (IUI)
                       Short - for intracervical deposition of sperm.

See: Unique Features and Advantages .
MaklerŪ Insemination Device
An instrument to hold a syringe and press the MaklerŪ Cannula against the outer cervical orifice, preventing leakage of the injected contents.
See: Unique Features and Advantages .
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